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Basic List

1 to 5 Epic Coins
Killing Mobs for Epic Coins
For 1 Epic Coin per drop you can head down to Shrine of the Ancestors. It is located between Tellus City and the starting area, you can teleport straight there. The mobs are magical and will attack from a range, all the mobs except for the earth spirit ARE AGGRESSIVE.
If you're having a tough time due to PKers, or simply not being strong enough to farm EC at Shrine of the Ancestors, you cant try heading down to Forest of Songs where the monsters infrequently drop 1 EC at a time. Forest of Songs is located on the island right above Raging Tides. Be careful though, because the mobs here are also AGGRESSIVE.

Rancors contain a commander that drops 10-20 EC, and spawns twice, aswell as mobs that drop 1 EC at a moderate rate. To find rancor locations and times visit this topic.

Phoenix Valley Bosses
The boss in Phoenix Valley will drop single Epic Coins anywhere from one to five times. It is profitable to stealth through here as a sin and just kill the boss.

Order of Bravery for Epic Coin Trade
Orders of Bravery trade 2 for 1 Epic Coin. They are made from 10 Badges of Bravery, obtainable from City of Abominations and Archosaur Assult bosses. The Orders are given directly from TW and are collectable and distributed by the Faction Leader.

Theatre of Blood
The daily theatre of blood event, sign up is at the Adventurer Assistant/Pup, is a PvP/PvE event where you try to get as many hearts of blood as possible. 15 hearts of blood trade for 1 Epic Coin at the end of it.

World Quest
when u finish this quest u will get rewarded with 5 EC + randomly an Exp Scroll/Apocalypse Page/Chrono Page.

Cube of Fate
There are some rooms inside Cube of Fate that let you obtain some extra Epic Coins. This rooms are 15, 22, 31 and 42. This rooms give Epic Coins depending on how many mobs you kill in 1 minute, so about 5 addition EC per each of those rooms.

Nightscream Island
Nightscream Island is located off of Dreamweaver port, by entering the portal on the ship. In Nightscream (will be referred to as NS) there are crystals which drop "Old Epic Coin"s which can be traded for 1 EC each at the "Event Items Forge". Be rather careful farming coins here because it IS a forced PvP-area, meaning even if you are blue named, players can attack you. One thing to note about Old Epic Coins is that if you die, they WILL drop on death, regardless if you have a Guardian Scroll or not.

Snake Isle Racing
It's just what it sounds like, a race around an island. The portals to the race instance open 10 minutes prior to the start of the race and close 5 minutes after the race announcement. The portal to the race can be accessed by the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup in any major city.
1st prize gives you 10 EC
2nd prize gives you 8 EC
3rd prize gives you 7 EC

10 to 50 Epic Coins
Bounty Hunter
In the center of Archosaur is the Head Hunter, He gives you 2 quests daily, you have to finish the first for the second one. The rewards are 10 Epic Coins for the first bounty hunt, along with 1 Nirvana Talisman, 5m coins and if you are lucky and XP/Spirit Orb. The second ones rewards are your choice of a xp, spirit or reputation orb, each orb comes with 1 Nirvana Talisman. Bounty Hunter 1 also gives you a Divine Order of the Void.

Rebirth Delta/GV
Every wave you finish in a delta gives 5 EC, for a total of 50 ec per person. Other drops are also given.

Fairy boxes from TT
Each Fairy Box gives you 2 EC (for example 3-3 run will give you about 20-30 Fairy boxes). Just to know - you can open 6 boxes per day

More than 50
Using a Divine Order of the Void for a purple or blue quest, then trading the reward for 50 EC at Divine Emissary of the Shadow.
~ Blue Quest = 50 Epic Coins
~ Purple Quest = 50x2 Epic Coics
NOTE: This Quest can come in a max of 5.

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Only few things to add:
1) Cube of Fate after 50 room not gives any EC
2) You can farm EC in TT now - each Fairy Box gives you 2 EC (for example 3-3 run will give you about 20-30 Fairy boxes). Just to know - you can open 6 boxes per day
3) Snake Isle Racing - 1st prize gives you 10 Ec and 2nd prize gives you 8 EC
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